Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be billed more than $34.99 per month if I buy multiple courses?
A: No. You will only be billed $34.99 per month to maintain access to ALL your purchased Thought Mechanics® courses.

Q: What happens if I miss paying for my monthly membership fee?
A: You will fall into a grace period for (5) days, at which time you must pay your monthly subscription fee before the grace period ends otherwise you’ll lose access to your Thought Mechanics® courses and you will have to repurchase them to gain access.

Q: How can I access the courses I purchased?
A: You will have your own personal account that you can log into. Then simply click on Training Center in the menu bar to access your purchased courses.

Q: Can I share my account username and password with others?
A: No. The system recognizes and tracks the history of how many devices have logged into your account. If it exceeds two (2) devices, the system may flag your account and suspend any further access to it from any device. This would constitute a violation of our Terms & Conditions and your account may be cancelled immediately without refund.

Q: Where do I go to change my credit card on file for the monthly subscription?
A: Go to My Account >>> Monthly Subscription Preferences >>> and simply update your payment information.

Q: How do I cancel my Thought Mechanics® Monthly Subscription?
A: Go to My Account >>> Recent Orders >>> Find the order with the subscription and simply cancel your subscription with the “cancel” button. Please note: once you cancel your subscription, you will need to repurchase your courses at their regular price in order to access them again.

Q: If I cancel my membership will I have to repurchase all of the Thought Mechanics courses?
A: Yes. So we strongly recommend that you keep your membership active so you do not have to repurchase your Thought Mechanics® courses at their full price in the future. Plus, as an active member you will have access to exclusive promotions and content such as free webinars with Jonathan Amaret.

Q: What if my credit on file declines and I have passed my 5 day grace period? Can I still reinstate my membership?
A: No. Unfortunately, you will have to repurchase all of your courses if you would like to have access to them again. We will send you reminders to update your card on file during your grace period if ever it declines a charge, but ultimately the responsibility falls on YOU to update your card information should the old information become unusable.
Here at Thought Mechanics® we believe in taking responsibility for your own fate in life and we hope that this encourages you to do the same. Winners NEVER make excuses and neither should you. What can be purchased once can be purchased again, so don’t fall into the beggar’s mentality.

Q: How can I be personally mentored by Jonathan Amaret?
A: Jonathan is one of the most exclusive gurus around who mentors some the richest and most influential people in the world. His rate starts at $6,000 per hour, however he does offer special discounts for those who wish to book multiple hours or a flat day-rate. Sessions can be done over the phone or in person depending on the needs of the client and are the same price. Ask any of his private students and they will tell you that he is worth every penny and much more. Their success is a testament of it.

Please contact us for details. Serious inquires only